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Service System

Pre-Sale Service
1. Provide detailed information: We guarantee that the technical catalogues, running CDs and other technical materials you need will be sent to your company by local branch or office within 24 hours.
2. Provide professional technical support: We guarantee that any technical questions you have raised will be answered by technical experts within 24 hours.
3. Provide reasonable quotation: We guarantee to make a unified and reasonable quotation for the products you request within 24 hours.
4. Provide inspection and reception: We promise to receive your inspection at any time and provide you with various conveniences.
Sale Service
  1. We guarantee to sign a strict and scientific “Technical Agreement” and a standardized enterprise and industrial contract according to your requirements.
  2. We guarantee the strict implementation of the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract in a punctual, quality and quantity manner.
  3. We guarantee to provide you with various services such as delivery, installation, commissioning and training according to the contract.
After Sales Service
1. After-sales service policy: Since the date of purchase, there are any quality problems in normal use. We guarantee replacement within three months, free maintenance within three years, lifetime preferential repair, and free upgrade of supporting single-chip software.
2. Responsible for free on-site installation, commissioning and commissioning of complete equipment. Technical training for technical personnel and operators related to users. The content includes: system overview, basic working principle of the system, operation and use of the equipment, inspection and maintenance of the equipment, fault analysis and processing.
3. After the equipment is put into trial operation or normal operation, the technical personnel of both parties test the technical specifications of the equipment.
4. The system runs normally. After one year, the user is asked about the system running status at the end of each quarter to answer the questions raised by the user.
5. The control system partially fails, and it is guaranteed to send technicians to handle the fault within forty-eight hours.
6, according to user needs for the user to purchase test instruments and vulnerable devices.