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Main technical indicators of partial discharge detector

Power Technology Show
2016/04/05 10:20
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Main technical indicators of partial discharge detector
  Main technical indicators of partial discharge detector
  1. The number of measurement channels: 3 channels (standard)
  2. The capacitance of the testable product ranges from 6PF to 250F.
  4. Elliptical scanning time base:
  (1) Frequency 50 (inside), 100, 150, 200, 400HZ.
  (2) Rotation: It can be rotated by 360° in 30°。
  (3) Working method: ellipse - expansion - straight line.
  (4) The high-frequency time base ellipse can be adjusted to the normal size according to the input voltage (10~250V), its ingesting power is <1 volt-ampere, and there is an overload automatic protection device.
  5. The display unit
  It adopts a 124×104mm2 rectangular oscilloscope tube with brightness and focus adjustment knob.
  6. The amplifier
  (1) 3dB low-frequency end frequency fL: 10, 20, 40KHZ optional.
  (2) 3dB high frequency end frequency fH: 80, 200, 300KHZ optional.
  (3) Gain adjustment, coarse adjustment of 6 files, the difference between the gears is 20±1dB, and the fine adjustment range is >20dB.
  (4) Positive and negative impulse response asymmetry <1dB.
  7. Time window
  (1) Window width: adjustable, 15 ° ~ 150 ° under 50HZ.
  (2) Window position: Each window can be rotated from 0° to 170°。
  (3) The two time windows can be opened separately or simultaneously.
  (4) With a one-time bombardment device, the bombardment time is about 20ms (for photographing).
  8. Pulse peak table
  (1) Linear scale pointer type head 0-100 error ± 5% (in full scale).
  (2) Logarithmic scale pointer type head 0-10-100 error ± 5% (in full scale).
  (3) Digital meter head: display with 3 digits and a half LED digital meter
  0-100 Error: ±3% (in full scale).
  9. Test voltmeter
  (1) Range 100KV (with 100KV voltmeter resistance R).
  (2) Display: 3-digit half-digit voltmeter.
  (3) Error: ±3%.
  10. Zero standard system
  (1) The zero mark of the internal zero mark generator can change the polarity and can be rotated by 0 to 180° to make the true zero mark position polarity generated by the voltage resistance R match.
  (2) The zero mark is consistent with all elliptical scan frequencies.
  11. Structure
  (1) Volume 530 × 550 × 220mm3
  (2) Weight: about 22KG.